USDA updates Food Pyramid

United States Department Of Agriculture yet again updates Food Pyramid, this time to fight against obesity.

Honestly, I do not trust them. This is the organization that could not stand against big food companies and played a key role in the increase of obesity.

It's simple people! Everything you eat is converted into engery (ie. calories). Some more some less. You have to spend the calories you take in not to gain weight. 3500 calories = 1 pound. You start spending more calories than you take, soon you will start losing weight.

I was weighing 210 pounds roughly this time last year. I weigh ~175 pounds now. I actually reached that goal about 6 months ago and I am keeping it without any trouble. How? Well, I started working out 3 times a week and also started a low-carb / low-fat / high protein diet. I had witnessed some of my friends successfully applying Atkins but it seemed harsh to me. As a matter of fact, Atkins evolved and changed some of their recommendations which brought them closer to South Beach. so, I took South Beach diet as the basis but modified it as I thought would be fit.

The good thing about diets is that you read and learn more about what you eat. Before I started dieting, I never paid attention to Nutrition Facts. My life changed afterwards. It's been a year and I can not drink most of the soft drinks like coca cola if it is not diet. I know how painful it is to get rid of 160 calories in gym.

Ordinary men need about 2000 calories and although it is very easy to get that much calorie, human body is an amazing animal; it is very efficent and it uses the calories efficiently. I went on to Work out my muscles so they became bigger and higher-maintenance; ie. when I am doing the same daily activities I am spending more calories. Leaving healthy in a junk food addict society may not be be easy but it is not that difficult too...

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