What's Up? Need Global News?

I recently found about 'What's up?' thanks to Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion. It's a global news service! Hmm, I can't really imagine myself sitting in front of this watching what's wrong with the world but I like the idea!


Nba games on Google Videa

Free Picture

Oh, the extend people go to for a free picture! This is hilarious:

Super Bowl ads on Google Video

Just in case you missed any of the Super Bowl ads yesterday, you can see them on Google video:

Starbucks Promotion

As a sign of gratitute for our hard work, one of our managers gave us Starbucks cards. I loved it & I have to habit of registering such things. So I went to Starbucks' site for registration and there I saw a good promotion: If you put $50 into your card using a visa credit card, they treat you for $10. Not bad, eh? Offer valid until the end of February

See details here: