Now that Google scared Yahoo and Hotmail, they are or they will be increasing the mail storage. For quite sometime, these services made storage size smaller and smaller as if they want people to get tired and pay for their service. So, I guess we should all thank Google for coming forward and reversing this.As I wrote in my previous post, the person who was kind enough to send me an invitation to gmail (Rachel Searles) said she was trying to create Karma. So I guess it is my turn now as I have some invitations: I will send an invitation to first person who writes back to me here...I am waiting!


Great e-mail: Gmail

I don't remember what I was looking for when I came across with a few days ago. It's a place where people who has Google's invitation based gmail account meet people who crave for one! I saw people offering funny stuff in return of favor. The one I laughed most was 'Iraqi citizenship'. I know it's not a laughing matter to be an Iraqi, especially right now when they are suffering a lot. Still, humor is not a bad thing. Anyway, looking thru the list of offer, I located an e-mail which had over 100 answers. I started reading it and realized that the guy who started the log AndrewP had just created a blog like this one. He was (rightly) sick of people who were selling invitations on ebay. I visited the blog ( ) and left a plea. To my surprise, I got an invitation e-mail a minute later. I could not believe it but here it was... An invitation from 'Rachel Searles'. I felt deeply grateful ans thanked her. She humbly said she was just trying to create a karma. It feels so good to meet such beautiful people!...


Here I am, will you send me an angel?

Here I am, will you send me an angel?
I don't know why did this title crossed my mind all of a sudden. I did not even think about, my fingers just typed it while I recalled the lyrics of Scorpion's song named "Send me an Angel" that I used to listen over and over 12 yrs ago when I was a student in Middle East Technical University (Ankara - Turkey). Anyway, I've just created this account and I am not sure if I will ever use it...