Great e-mail: Gmail

I don't remember what I was looking for when I came across with a few days ago. It's a place where people who has Google's invitation based gmail account meet people who crave for one! I saw people offering funny stuff in return of favor. The one I laughed most was 'Iraqi citizenship'. I know it's not a laughing matter to be an Iraqi, especially right now when they are suffering a lot. Still, humor is not a bad thing. Anyway, looking thru the list of offer, I located an e-mail which had over 100 answers. I started reading it and realized that the guy who started the log AndrewP had just created a blog like this one. He was (rightly) sick of people who were selling invitations on ebay. I visited the blog ( ) and left a plea. To my surprise, I got an invitation e-mail a minute later. I could not believe it but here it was... An invitation from 'Rachel Searles'. I felt deeply grateful ans thanked her. She humbly said she was just trying to create a karma. It feels so good to meet such beautiful people!...

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