Nigerian Scam

Here is the new Nigerian Iraqi Scam I found in my e-mail box today. Wonder if they are still able to victimize people ith such stupidity.

How are you?. My name is Sheila and I am working with a Humanitarian Aid Organization in Al-Anbar province of Iraq. Our main work is to establish adequate Educational institutions and health care centre for the internally displaced people in the rural areas.
I got your address from a universal contact directory hence I decided to write to you personal for an urgent discussion if you don`t mind.
My main reason for writing to you is that I need your help urgently. I am planning to resign from my job due to security risk in this area therefore I want to know if you would be interested to help me secure some funds which I want to move out of Iraq as quick as possible
The total amount is 2.7 million USD (TWO MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) and I need a reliable partner out side Iraq who can assist me in the process therefore I want to know if you can be able to help me secure this money in your country on my behalf until I come and collect it back with out having any problem with you.
Actually I do not know you in person to trust you enough but I hope you can prove to me that you are reliable, and can handle this transaction competently. There is no risk involved because I will arrange how to move the fund to your country through a very safe way but Can I trust you?. Are you going to keep this money intact for me until I come and get it back from you?.
I will offer you 15% of the total amount if you would accept to assist me in this process and also I would like you to suggest any profitable venture in which I can invest some part of the money so that I will have a source of income after my resignation.
Thanks and have a peaceful day. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mrs Sheila