Lasik Surgery

I've been wearing glasses for more than 15 years now and I am done. I decided to go for Lasik surgery last year. I started to research the available technologies and eye centers. I also started put money in my Flexible Spending Account.

I met with Dr. Della Russo in the autumn of 2004. He is one of the well known high profile Manhattan eye surgeons. Although he is one of the original creators of VisX Excimer Laser technology, he currently uses a tehnology called LadarVision. He had done about 1600 operations with it and he was talking highly of the method he was using.

Even with DavisVision insurance I had, he was charging about $2050 per eye at the time. His son works with him and charges a little bit less. Anyway, I did not mind the amount of money but somehow did not feel much comfortable with the method. He would dilute my eyes and after the operation he would put a protective lens which would be removed the next day. I did not like the necessity of using protective lenses.

As I lost my glasses in a funny way last week, I decided to check out my second choice Stahl Eye Center. I've chosen Dr. Thierry J. Hufnagel as he had successfully operated one of my friends a few years ago. My friend was pretty happy with the results; and had no side effects like 'Halos' at night or 'dry eye' problems. They use the 4th generation of VisX technology S4 VisX (which Dr. Dello Russo had belittled when I asked him about it).

There is not yet any study, as far as I know, that proves Ladarvision results are better than S4 VisX although I believe it maybe slightly more advanced with its 'Active' Ladarvision technology which essentially tracks your eye when its moves and adjusts itself. On the other hand, S4 VisX, for example, would detect the eye movement and stop but would not adjust itself. Then again S4 VisX is told to be a very adaptive and easy to use device which may explain why many Doctors choose it over others.

So, on April 25, I will undergo the Bladeless CustomVue Lasik surgery!

It looks like it all comes down to the surgeon but for my situation,

If you are looking into Lasik surgery, below are a few web sites I found useful:

I've also looked into following doctors but their did not contact them as their offices were not close to me:

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