Free SysInternals Utilities

Probably all Windows System Admins know the name 'SysInternals' very well, mostly because of their free set of Windows Utilities called 'Winternals'. They have just released the new version: PsTools v2.14.

The guy behind the creation of these tools is Mark Russinovich. I have recently used his Registry Monitoring Tool (Regmon v.7) to see what was going on on my system following Mark's blog on MSN Desktop Search Tool.

I found out that 'Hello', which is an IM that was recently bought by Google and is a convenient application currently you can use to post a picture to blogger, was non-stop polling the registry 10s of times in a second filling all the monitor screen...

I killed it and then started it up again. Apparently it is trying to communicate with Picasa -yet another cool imaging tool Google purchased recently- related registry keys. Whatever the reason is, I derive from Mark's blog entry that Hello is ayet another badly written application. So, instead of keeping it minimized in the tray when I am not using it, I will just terminate it. I suggest you do the same.

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