WoW & Rift

Many long-time World of Warcraft (WoW) players (blink*) are (gulp!) 'bored'. The latest expansion is already "old content" after three months. Many stopped doing heroics as there is nothing to buy with Justice or Valor points. Achievement freaks are still finding stuff to do of course but excitement is gone. The fact is, there is not much to do right now until 4.1 delivers new content.

There is that never-ending question whether there will be another MMO that can beat WoW? Many believe that it will not happen, WoW is an anomaly, it's unique. That may very well be the case but this is a lucrative business ( 12 month * $15/month * 10 million players = $1.8billion a year), and there will be new-comers!

Welcome Rift! It was launched today in US. Rift is yet another MMORPG which aims to combine successful components of all others that came before it. Trion, the company behind Rift, claims 1 million account sign-up. Actual numbers of sales are not known yet.

It's kinda funny to see discussions like this on whether damage meters are required or not but there was a post there that made my day. There is no question on my mind that WoW would not be so successful without thousands of add-ons. Anyone who spent some time in Elitist Jerks theory-crafting site knows that the mathematics behind WoW is mind-boggling.

I think performance-counters (be it damage meters in games) are necessary for people who would like to improve themselves. It may feel good to be in la la land for a while but most people would need to satisfy their hunger for achievement, for being a better person (at something). So why others do not want them? Check this out!

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