I came across an absolutely fascinating article on titled "The Cypherpunk Revolutionary". It's about now famous Wikileaks founder Julian Assange but also a bit about Cypherpunk community.

Wikipedia article on Cypherpunk mailing list Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP. I remember using it in early 90s. E-mail was uncommon in the country I was working in (and internet not existent), so many people were using a single e-mail address for both personal communication and to a lesser extend for business. I was using PGP to communicate with my wife (then girl-friend).

Bram Cohen is another familiar name from the mailing list. I remember reading in the 2005 Wired article titled "The Bittorrent effect": "Cohen in fact has Asperger's syndrome, a condition on the mild end of the autism spectrum that gives him almost superhuman powers of concentration but can make it difficult for him to relate to other people".

And, then there is John Gilmore, who has such a long list of activities like founding EFF, Cypherpunks, alt usenet groups, who also got involved in what later became DHCP. what a resume, eh?

Take a look, fun read!

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