SSH, SCP, SFTP From Windows

I have just finished configuring my ssh daemon on my ubuntu box where I changed port number to 443 in /etc/ssh/sshd.config file

Then I tried to use Putty to connect to it from windows, it worked like a charm. However, I found another very useful tool that can do scp, sftp as well: It's called WinSCP. It's very easy to configure and in not time I was able to login to my Ubuntu and copy files from there to my windows box using scp/sftp.

The problem is I have NAT enabled. I also have a Vonage box in front of my router. I created an account on and entered relevant info on my router configuration. However, because it is also behind NAT, it can not properly update its IP and there is no configuration option on the Vonage Motorola box.

The only thing I could do was to tell Vonage Motorola box to forward all 443 port requests to my router and then enabled Port forwarding in my router so that it would forward all 443 requests to my Ubuntu box.

I have restarted ssh daemon by running
/etc/init.d/ssh restart
and now it's listening on 443. This is working fine as long as I connect to it directly at 443 but port forwarding does not seem to be working properly. I guess I have to wait for Mathieu to come back from France to show me a few tricks to do this...

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