Automatix Bleeder & Compiz

Just wanted drop a note that you may also use automatixbleeder, to install XGL/Compiz. I actually tried it and it handles most of the work including installation & configuration of
XGL session menu
Compiz packages
nVidia drivers

I just talked to arnieboy, who is the original poster about Automatix Bleeder on irc #Automatix channel @Freenode, he told me that once Automatix Bleeder installation completes, it creates an instruction file on the desktop. He also corrected a few things like
- I should use cgwd instead of gnome-window-decorator
- I do not need to add deb dabber main
- I do not need to add deb dabber main
- gset-compiz is now obsolete as quinn does not maintain it anymore...
- bleeder does not overwrite my existing gnome session

I've updated the how-to with this info.

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