File/Folder Sharing with PowerFolder

PowerFolder is a free peer to peer tool that synchronizes whole folders over the internet or local network.

In fact, It looks very promising as a back up solution. They just released PowerFolder 1.0 (for Windows & Linux). It's Java-based and installation will not finish if you do not have Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or above, so you may want to go to and download it if you do not have it.

[Update - 05/17/2006]
I am really disappointed! Application has many features I love, GUI is beautiful, it is very easy to use and intuitive BUT it keeps on hanging :(
I installed it on my 3 PCs (2 XP and 1 Win2K3) and set up some folders for syncronization. These folders have about 150 folders & 15000 files. What I see is, it detects the differences and starts uploading/downloading but in a few minutes my systems start to hang. It seems to be very resource hungry and kicks my CPU usage to 100% (I have dual P4-2.8 GHz CPU).

Mathieu mentioned another application called iFolder. I also heard about some other file/folder syncronization software like SyncBack, Unison & BestSync...

I already tested Unison but did not really like it. I had to install GTK+, for which I needed to install Gaim for Windows. I could not specify a remote folder using \\ notation. It uses ssh, rsh or socket method to connect to a remote host. Too troublesome...

Free version of SyncBack (v.3.2) seems quite promising actually. I installed it on only one of my PCs and I was able to specify remote directories for sync'ing. Speed was OK. Setting up sync profiles were straight forward too. I am planning to install it on the other PCs and modify sync profiles accordingly. I checked their Support site and two methods to carry profiles were discussed here.

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