Cutting Edge News

As I love to read technology news and would like to hear new things as soon as they become news, I will list some of the sites that I regularly visit (or syndicate via RSS) to get news:

  • On top of my list is Technology Page of Google:
  • I also recently learnt and became addicted to
  • is one of the first sites I love to read when I fire up my RSSOwl
  • Yes, news on Google blog is much more exciting than news on Microsoft these days
  • Interestingly, sometimes blogs on google are even more interesting:
  • has been my primary source of information on Microsoft for years now...
  • Who does not know about (Gee their interface is so outdated)
  • I recently discovered a nice information source especially about *Betas*
  • And finally, Last year, I was sent to Tokyo for a business trip. Having lived in Japan for many years, my manager (then) called me into his office and made me a list of places to see. On top of the list was famous Akihabara, the electronics town! So, if you would like to know about newest, coolest gadgets, here is a site for you:
Add yours...

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