Less Known Firefox Addons

I saw a good article titled "10 Useful Firefox Extensions that don't get glamorized":

1. Download Statusbar - view and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar, so that downloads don't get in the way of browsing
2. Colorful Tabs - May sound really boring, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to distinguish between tabs
3. Image Zoom - This is one of my personal favs as it allows me to zoom in on images on a page without having to download them
4. PDF Download - For all those annoying sites that seem to grow and grow where they are worried about you stealing their content. This extension allows PDFs to be opened in a tab for easier management
5. Tab Mix Plus - Every tweak and option under the sun you could ever want to manage tabs
6. WebmailCompose - Fantastic extension that opens your chosen webmail compose window if any email addresses are clicked on
7. Optimoz Tweaks - If you a heavy user of sidebars this great extension makes it easier to open and close them
8. Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer - The only bookmarks sync tool I've found that works seamlessly between PCs
9. Autohide - This one isn't promoted heavily, but if you like browsing full-screen it gives some useful control over what elements Firefox displays
10. MediaPlayerConnectivity- automatically launches all media elements in their correct players, allowing full-screen playback of embedded videos

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