Goowy is a name I heard on Mark Cuban's blog. If you are familiar with Yahoo's Widgets, you will find yourself at home. They are giving away 2GB free e-mail as well as other stuff. You can either use their nice web site or download Goowy desktop client.

By this time you should be asking why the funny name. Here is a few answer s from their FAQ:

Why did you name the service goowy? Isn't that a funny name that people are put off by?
goowy is actually meant to be playful and easy to remember. But its more than that. It's a play on words - the term GUI which is pronounced the same way, refers to a Graphical User Interface. We felt that one of the key areas where our application would make a difference is with the vibrant, interactive interface. And so goowy was born. There are people that feel funny about giving out as their email address, but we imaging that when Hotmail and Yahoo first launched, there were similar reservations about their naming decisions. As we grow to be a household name, this will cease to be an issue.

What does the (re) in goowy (re) mean?
The (re) in goowy(re) stands for "rich experience". We believe in providing a truly interactive medium for managing our member's digital lifestyle.

What's a widget?
A widget is a small specialized application that provides easy access to frequently used functions or provides some visual information. Examples of widgets are news (rss) viewers, desktop notes, quotes, bookmarks, search windows, etc.

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