Useful Active Directory Links

Below is a collection of links from a friend at work about Active Directory...

This is a great readme and is holding up well despite its age:
Note: Firfox does not wrap the line so I introduced hard breaks
copy them to the same line: 25201%2520-%2520Understanding%2520Microsoft %2520WSH%2520and%2520ADSI%2520in%2520

The best is yet to come: ADSI primer parts 1-12:
Understanding ADO Search Filters in LDAP Queries

Slightly off topic: You may also want to check out and .

Combine this with,,,, and, We should all be well-rounded network experts.

I know we are still a big MS shop but a lot of this stuff is platform neutral (to a degree) and are freely available.

For those who want to mess with RHEL there are 2 very good Redhat Clones out there: and .

You might as well skip Fedora. For desktops, I like Centos, Memphis and Knoppix.

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