Yahoo! Debuts Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! Debuts Yahoo! 360, an Innovative New Service That Allows Consumers to Conveniently Communicate and Connect with the People They Know

This is an interesting news. I've trying to find the best bloggin tool for my needs. What do I need, I would like to be able to post pictures inside my blog. Currently, Blogger allows posting pictures via Hello.

I recently found out how to upload multiple images but still if you are writing up a long blog entry inside which you want to put a picture, it is not really possible.

I've tried MSN spaces and found that it actually has some nice niches like trackback addresses and ability to post multiple pictures at the end of a blog entry. Still, it is not that customizable. For example you can't change the date of post.

I recently deleted one of my test msn spaces blogs as I wanted to associate it with a different e-mail account. Guess what, it happily deleted it but even after 3 days, it still thinks that space is in use (actually it says in use or unavailable but translates into same thing) and does not let me to re-register that space. I'm still waiting to hear from MS Support on that.

Yahoo 360 will be invite-only like gmail & orkut of google. So, probably it will take some time to get a space in there and test it out. In the mean time, I guess I will stick with Blogger...

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