I had tried Skype when it first came out and quickly gave up as nobody was using it at the time. As it has been on the news lately, I've decided give it another try and downloaded it from their web site:

The newest version seems to work well. I like the file transfer feature as well as conferencing. Chat is fine and it claims that you can remotely connect another Skype user's pc. I did not test that yet.

Of course none of these are new. Most other IMs have the same capabilities. What makes Skype unique is its ability to dial out to an ordinary phone and now with the new version its capability to accept incoming calls from ordinary phones. Price is peanuts. I guess they are charging something like 15 Euros for about 10 hrs of talking.

Unfortunately, my microphone refused to work and even a service call to HP did not help. The guy was trying to be helpful but apparently did not have much clue. It looks like HP have not updated XW6000 soundMax driver since 2003 and current driver only half works as I can hear the sound. Though luck!

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