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AM-DeadLink - Detect dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks

There was a time when the great sync2it was free. Those days are over. Therefore, I needed a tool to sync my bookmarks. Yahoo Bookmarks was a good candidate but it did not allow more than 1000 bookmarks.

Guess what? No. of my bookmarks I had collected over the years was exceeding that. Yet, I knew that there were probably many dead links by now. So, I found the tool above. Free and promising...

As I use both FireFox & IE, I've configured it to import FF bookmarks as well as IE Favorites. However, anytime I clicked the check button to validate the links, it simply stopped working and I got a "Not Responding" message in task manager; so I had to kill it. As I mentioned I have a rather large bookmark collection of bookmarks so I thought it may have chocked because of that and tried with smaller sets until I actually selected just 1 bookmark and it failed to verify it.

Then I checked the configuration options and noticed something called "Use Internal Preview". I disabled it and started again. This time it just went ahead and worked like a charm!

I was, then, able to save back to FireFox and then sync from there to IE (There is a nice FF extension for that called SyncMarks


I sent an e-mail to the developer citing the bug. It's a good utility, I hope he fixes it soon...

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