nVidia GTX 460, but which one?

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that my eVGA GTS 8800 512 had gone corrupted. Falcon Northwest techs replied to my e-mail (I love how informative and friendly their responses are) and confirmed that eVGA tech recommendation on GTX 460 would be a great replacement, it would fit in just fine if I got with a <9" card and my Power Supply Unit (PSU) should be able to carry the load just fine (It's 500Watts).

So, I started reading reviews on these cards. This review from is a bit dated but talks in great details about several GTX 460 cards and is a good read to understand the landscape.

Maybe conventional wisdom would dictate I go with a different brand than the one I had problem with. I did not. I loved how quite the card was. The fact that Falcon NW guys chose eVGA over others gave me more confidence. Plus, there is no such thing as never-failing-hardware-manufacturer.

For example, I liked the output options of PNY video cards and used several in the past but most of them developed fan-noise after a year or two. So, I gave up on them. If a company is using cheap mats and lowering the quality, they lose in the long run. PNY is still around, so maybe it was just that series, or it was my (lack of) luck. I am sure there are millions of PNY users out there with no issue whatsoever (and in full disclosure I still have a PNY card running on one of my much less used PCs after 9 years - oh yes sometimes I have to endure the fan-noise but it goes away after a while!).

Again, I wanted to go with a card, that is silent, performant and has good warranty. I learned that eVGA has lifetime warranty on some series (oh I am sure I will remember to register this time). Even these did not make the choice easy, as there are several eVGA cards that fit the bill.

Then I decided that I did not want an overclocked one, it's not need that for my use-case and I believe it taxes both the system (need more power / more heat) and the life of card. Finally, my choice is a non-overclocked eVGA GTX 460 1 GB card in the -AR series from which seems to have the best deal (hmm, it's really annoying me that they have a typo in the tile. It says "INVIDIA" instead of "NVIDIA". How could they miss that???).

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