I wish I had a BSOD

I never thought I would say that but after my PC froze today, I found myself looking at a garbled boot screen and realized my video card had gone bad  as well as bad sectors on the boot disk. If this was a BSOD, it would probably be a driver issue which would not be too hard to fix but now I have to replace the video card in the minimum. Bah!

I opened up my PC (Fragbox from Falcon Northwest I bought  mid-2008) to see if anything got loose (I know... it's wishful thinking), but of everything was seated properly. Then checked out serial number of the video card (nVidia GTS 8800) and called EVGA. To my surprise, someone picked up the phone. I had already read on their web site that my card had a lifetime warranty. So, I asked about it and was told that I was out of luck b/c card had to be registered in the first 30 days of purchase. Apparently, Falcon Northwest had not done it of course, neither did I...

I sent an e-mail to Falcon Northwest support to ask what would be a good replacement card. Because of the shape of Fragbox, I want to make sure I buy a card that would fit in seamlessly.

Then, I started looking for a replacement PC (Cannot keep Cho'gall waiting :p). Ever since I had issues with my Fragbox last year, I had that on the back of my mind. I was thinking about new Talon from Falcon NW. It's pretty decent and had great reviews. This time though, I acted like an impulse buyer and did all my shopping in about two hours. Here is what I ordered: Systemax Sys CrossFire. Looking forward to it.

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