How fast is Google Alerts?

I just got a google alert; which told me that I had blogged "XML++". I recalled that I had created a Google Alert when I heard about the service quite some time ago.

I checked the alert and I had set it to be "comprehensive" and send me alerts "as-it-happens". Hmm, 'as-it-happens'? Judging from the time passed between alert and my previous blog post; it took Google ~1hr to detect my blog entry. That does not sound like 'as-it-happens' to me.

Ps. Umm, and I wonder what's up with the timing? I posted this at 00:20am EDT but see the posted time as T23:06-5:00 ???


Anonymous said...

OMG. Google didn't read your blog within the second. It takes time for things to hit the index. Be thankful it picked it up in one hour.

Adil Hindistan said...

Umm, I could not care less if it indexes it in a sec or in an hour to be honest. I think it is terrific that they can index it in a hour.

It's about understanding what the Google alerts options like 'as-it-happens' mean in terms of time.