Ubuntu Dapper Install Issues

Today, I downloaded Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 LTS Desktop CD to install it on a new hard drive. I ran into some issues but luckily I was able to fix them. I will write them down here just in case someone out there runs into a similar issue and may benefit from the solution

1) Ubuntu CD would not boot
I knew that CD was good because it was booting fine on a different PC. On the other hand, if I inserted an XP or Vista set-up CD, they would be detected fine but not the ubuntu CD.

I suspected that CD was not detected because of the Promise UltraATA133 TX2 card I was using with my "large" drives. The motherboard of my HP XW6000 pc did have ATA100 but not ATA133.

Anyway, to solve the problem, I disconnected my DVD drive from Promise Controller and connected it directly to the motherboard's Primary ATA. Then, Ubuntu CD happily booted.

2) "Out of range" error while Ubuntu was booting
So, to install Ubuntu Dapper 6.06, I chose "Live CD & Install" option from the boot menu. However, at some point Ubuntu would disappear and I would just see an "Out of Range" error on the screen.

Fixing this was pretty easy actually. I hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go to prompt and then edited the display config
sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

I removed all entries before"1280x1024" for my nVidia card so that my card would not try to load a resolution that it can not support and saved the file.

Then, I hit "Ctrl+Alt+F7" to go back to the screen where I was seeing "out of range" and hit "Ctrl+Alt+Backspace" to restart Gnome Display Manager (gdm) and voila!

Then, ubuntu user logged in and there was a "Install" icon on the desktop. Using GPart, I first created three partitions on the free space:
1 GB for swap
7 GB for / (formatted with ext3 file system)
25 GB /home (formatted with ext3 file system)

Installation did not took long and in about 20mins, my ubuntu dapper was up and running :)

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