Google Notebook Review

The more I use Google Notebook, the more I like it! When looking for information on web, I usually find myself taking notes using MS OneNote, Outlook > Notes or plain notepad. As my blackberry is sync'ed with Outlook Notes, I tend to remind myself to put notes in there but it has a lot of limitations.

What Google Notebook gives me is the ability to select some part of a web page & simply make it a note that's available to me wherever I can access internet.

I downloaded & the plugin for IE and Firefox on all my computers. Both plugins work equally well. I created a number of notebooks as seen on the screenshot. If I want to move a note from one notebook to another, I can simply drag and drop it over.

I can edit the note anytime and really like the fact that it captures the original URL, I created the note from. So, if I have to go back to the original document, there is a reference to it.

By default, only "you" can see your notes. they are private. However, if you want to make them public, you can choose to do so. And of course, google's fabulous search engine lets you search your own, or public notes effectively.

What can be improved? Well, this is pretty good for taking notes from web sites. One step further would be to highlight any part of any document and upload it as a note! Now, I think that would be a killer-app!

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