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News is everywhere: Google finally has its instant messenger application available as a, yes you guessed right, BETA product. It can be downloaded from Don't expect miracles, it lacks a lot of bells and whistles other IMs have.

Some people are already talking about Google Talk Easter Egg in Inside Google blog.

You need to use your gmail account to log on. If you do not have an account, leave me a message for invitation or better yet, get an invitation from Google via SMS. Once you get your invitation on your cell phone, go to step 2 and enter it, there you go!

As reported by NeoWin.Net, MSN Messenger 7.5 (build 299) is out and can be downloaded from
Among the new features are Dymanic Backgrounds and Voice Clips. Dynamic Backgrounds fill your MSN Messenger conversations and subtly animate during the conversation. Voice Clips allow you to send short audio clips (15 secs max) to your friends on MSN Messenger.

New audio improvements mean talking over MSN Messenger is far improved from recent versions.
You can also do the following:
Start a conversation with a contact: msnim:add?
Add a contact to your contact list: msnim:chat?
Send an invitation to start a video conversation: msinm:voice?
Send an invitation to start a voice conversation: msinm:video?

I am so much into Audiobooks these days. I've listened Harry Potter Vol. 4-6 in the last week via my new Rio Carbon. I've seen interesting article about turning a DVD into an Audiobook. I liked the VLC Media Player application, which can be downloaded from It seems like a nice media player (still testing)!

Some crowded audiobook newsgroups:

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