Problem with Google Toolbar for Firefox

I have no idea how this has happened! After Iinstall the new Google toolbar for Firefox (1.0.20050707) on my Fedora Core 4 linux box, firefox menus and google toolbar menus changed to German! As soon as I uninstall it, menus revert back to English. I tested this a few times and it does happen all the time. Screenshot above...

[UPDATE]: I sent an e-mail to Fedora List about the issue. Apparently, I am not the only one who has encountered the issue. I'll report this in Google Groups > 'Google-firefox-extentions'. I am guessing that someone from Google maybe watching the list...

[UPDATE]: Today, Jeremy Tan from Fedora list sent me an e-mail saying that he too had the problem but menus reverted back when he closed all the Firefox instances and restarted it. I tried it, it worked for me too - with a catch: when I, for example hover on this text (or a link), it displays some message in German. See the screenshot below:

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