IBM OpenPowerProject

Jan Weck told me about this IBM site: I signed up already (sc0ri0n). Below is from the site:

Welcome to the Beta launch of the OpenPower Project – created just for Linux users. It's a great opportunity to pioneer an online Linux initiative, dedicated to testing the latest Power Architecture™ technology that's intended to advance Linux on Power.

This is where you can test and tinker with the latest OpenPower servers tuned for running Linux. You get remote, non-root, shared access via SSH to the latest POWER5™ processor-based OpenPower™ servers. Compile and run your applications, test them, compare them, whatever – it's up to you and your imagination. Power Architecture technology is an ideal platform for Linux® – simple, fast, and robust. Simply put, OpenPower servers take Linux to the next level. Join us. Others already have.

There are two remote locations you can choose from, in two different configurations. Choose your machine, get your most challenging code, and have some fun!

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