Google Spaces

Update 2021-07-21:
Not sure why I bother but it annoyed me that my last blog post here was about yet another service in Google Graveyard. I've enjoyed many of the tools from Google that were not popular enough, I guess, and got killed. I still use Pocket to save articles that I think I will go back at some point though I rarely ever do. It's still a good tool for digital hoarding, if you are into that.
I am a Pocket user, I happily pay them ~$30 a year for the search service they provide for the articles I save in my account.

I am, however, getting warmed up to Google Spaces for some time now. They announced it in May 2016 as a tool for "Small Group Sharing", which is pretty much how I use it right now.

I have a space to post technology stuff I read and find interesting. A post could be about a StackOverflow question, a blog post, some piece of tech news, github code etc... If you are reading this post, you are welcome to join!

There is an iOS app and an Android one that you can use to find out about posts.

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