Flickr Uploadr for Mac

Last year Yahoo revived Flickr, and they offered something none other are offering even now: 1TB free space for your pics and videos. I had my Flickr account from early 2000s that, like everyone else, I had not used for ages. I started using Flickr again...

Yahoo offered Automatic Camera Upload feature from phones, which is pretty much what everyone else was offering and it had a couple of hick ups especially when new iPhones with newer iOS arrived, but other than that it pretty much worked OK.

I kept on using it in tandem with Google+, photos uploading to both. One nice feature I really liked about Flickr was that it allowed me some family members who live worlds apart to my 'family' and automatically share pictures with them when pictures were uploaded, which is not a something I could do with Google+

This setup worked fine 'going forward' but until now there was not a good way of uploading pictures. A few weeks ago, Yahoo released Flickr Uploadr for Mac (beta) and I found out that it works perfectly for my use case.

It can use iPhoto, which I do not really use. But more importantly, it can upload folders of pictures and it creates an Album with the name of the folder.

The way I organize my pic folders is like this:

YYYY > YYYY.MM > YYYY.MM_Event_Location

So when I upload a year, it creates albums with the name YYYY.MM_Event_Location

Of course not all my folders were perfectly named like that, sometimes I had to use PowerShell to fix them (may be subject of another blog post).

It not only uploads them once, but can upload any new pictures you put in those folders. So, if you have an upload folder, for example, anything you drop in there will be automatically uploaded.

It also has de-duplication. Not a very smart one at the moment, so if you have the same picture with a different size, it will not detect that but if you have the same picture in more than one folder, it will detect that and will not upload it again.

I also had to deal with (SMB) connection issues I was having from my iMac to my QNAP NAS where I keep gigs and gigs of pics, and came up with a method to Automatically mount the NAS whenever I needed it without bugging me with credentials and stuff (definitely another post).

Here is link to feedback forum for the product:

That's all for now! Enjoy, and let me know what you think if you try it.

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