Fixing Visual Studio Login Issue

If you are seeing messages from your Visual Studio (Express) complaining that your trial expired after 30 days, you need to sign in to your Visual Studio (and/or Microsoft Account).

OK. that was stating the obvious. Here is the frustrating part. You are trying to login but you cannot and you get the following error:

Browser is security restricted or JavaScript is disabled

I was surprised with this message because I do not recall disabling Javascript  on my Internet Explorer. Anyway, to enable Javascript may not be obvious:

  • Launch Inernet Explorer (v11 in my case)
  • Click Tools > Internet Options > Security
  • Click Internet
  • Click Custom level
  • Scroll all the way near the bottom
  • Under Scripting > Active Scripting, click "Enable"
  • click OK and close.

That should do it. Now you can sign in to your account, and activate your copy of VS Express. 

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