The server is unwilling to process the request

I was working on a script that reads the information about printers on a print server and creates AD groups for each share name if it does not exist. Script is part of a process to manage shared printers for users.

So, the part of code goes like this:

try {
    New-AdGroup -Path "OU=Printers,OU=Groups,DC=XYZ,dc=org" -Name $PrinterGroupName -GroupScope DomainLocal -GroupCategory Security -Description $Description -OtherAttributes @{Info=$Comment}
catch { $_ }

There is a line above that code to get all printers on the Print Server:
 Get-Printer -ComputerName $PrintServer   ## Available on Win8+

Then this code retrieves Printer Group Name, Printer Location as Description 'AND' a comment field out of 'Get-Printer' cmdlet results and populates relevant fields in the new group.

This code was failing to create some groups and the error message was quite unhelpful: "The server is unwilling to process the request"

I looked at the groups and realized that New-ADGroup was not happy when $comment did not include anything.

So, I added a couple of lines before try/catch block to make sure I would have something for both Active Directory Group's Description and  Notes fields to fix the issue:

$Description = $Comment = $

if ($printer.location) {

   $Description = $printer.location


If ($Printer.Comment) {

  $Comment = $Printer.Comment


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