How to install iOS7 Beta on iPhone 5

I have captured some screenshots but do not have time to upload them yet. Upgrade process is pretty much the same as before:

  • Download iOS 7 Beta from > iOS Downloads (You need to have iOS Developer Account with Apple to get there) Protip: Use Safari on Mac, if possible. For whatever reason, when I used Chrome on my mac, it would just direct me to 'maintenance' page, which said 'We'll be back soon'.
  • Open up the downloaded dmg and extract the .ipsw file on to your desktop
  • Launch iTunes & Connect your iPhone (Supported models iPhone 4, 4S, 5)
  • Click on  your device name and make sure to back it up (on iCloud)
  • You can also do a backup on your iPhone using Settings > iCloud menu.
  • Once done, click Option Key (Alt key if you are using PC keyboard) and click Restore on iTunes
  • On the File Picker window, click the Desktop on the left and choose the extracted iOS7 file
  • All in all this takes about 5mins.
  • Once completed, it will try to activate. Your phone needs to be registered in the iOS Dev Portal.

Update 2013-06-19:

After using iOS7 for a week, I rolled back. I worked out most of the annoyances but Google+ kept on crashing and I do use Automatic Backups for my pics. So, I can't wait for months to get it all sorted out.

Here are a couple of notes:

  • Updates did not work always. Your would see them but clicking update would not do anything.
  • Although I backed up everything to iCloud, most of the settings for apps did not come back I had to enter username/pwd for many apps as if just installed.
  • Google Authenticator was one of the apps where I lost data and I had to move all 2 factor authentication accounts using 'moving to new iphone' menu. Facebook two-factor authentication is easy to move as well.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. You made it easy to upgrade to iOS7.