Fixing pepper flash issue(?) on latest chrome

 The latest version of Chrome (v22.0.1221.0 - I am on dev-m channel) causes some playback issues with flash videos on my pc. Top part of the video is cut diagonally and keeps on flickering. Here is the link to my bug report.

Screenshot shows how it looks on my screen.

Possible Cause:
The new 'Pepper Flash', result of collaboration between Adobe and Google is supposed to be more secure. Latest release of Chrome has it set as the default flash player on my Windows 7 machines and it seems to be the cause of this issue.

Until a fix is available, disabling Pepper Flash seems to be an easy solution.
In my case, typing chrome://plugins showed that I had 3 Flash plug-ins:

  • The new Pepper Flash plug-in
  • The built-in Flash plug-in that comes with Chrome
  • And the Flash plug-in installed separately for IE and other browsers. 

Clicking the details on the right side of the screen and checking the "disable" link under Pepper Flash seems to have fixed the issue for me.

Note: I still see the same diagonal line if I hover over a link item on the page that would normally overlay a menu, so I am actually not so convinced that this is a PepperFlash issue as I originally suspected. See Chromium discussions for further details (link above).

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Anonymous said...

Any idea what could be the workaround without disabling the player or when could we expect a fix from chromium/adobe?