More funny comments...from Microsoft

After discovering some funny comments from Dell folks (see previous post), I looked at some other folders in the CD and came across what seemed to be manifest files used possibly used by Microsoft upgrade scripts, User State Migration Tool (USMT) and Migration Wizard (MigWiz).

These files reside in the Dell's Windows 7 Pro CD that came with Dell Vostro CD. Specifically, under \sources\dlmanifests folder:

OK, that's a confession there! And why would not you uninstall reg keys cleanly?

I am just wondering who is (s)he talking to here...

Hmm, so who is this mollybro? I see a 'mollybro' profile in MSDN, with a reference to an SMB related resource. Same person?

OK, enough with this Saturday-Night Geek Entertainment. Here is the last one:

Nobody can say (s)he is not honest!

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