What's coming in Server 8

In his latest newsletter, Mark Minasi has a wonderful summary of features coming in Windows Server 8 from BUILD event that took place this week.

Windows 8 Dynamic Access Control (DAC) seems quite interesting and is a clear indication that Microsoft is trying to respond to an every day problem of 'permissions and auditing' in large enterprises. To be honest, I am not sure tagging is the answer to it, mainly because it's an attempt to use some of the unused attributes in AD and in file tags in NTFS, which may prove to be limited once enterprises starts being creative in employing the technology. However, the simple fact that it will be possible to use Regular Expressions on file ACLs is a welcome  news.

We will have to wait and see the implementation details. In the meantime here is an article published today at Windows IT Pro by Sean Deuby that explains the DAC in more details.

PowerShell is of course getting a bigger pie in server management (e.g. Active Directory Admin Center a.k.a. ADAC) with Version 3. Number of cmdlets are going from ~300 to 2300!

Speaking of AD, there does not seem to be much news other than making it Virtualization friendly. If you are still waiting for a SQL/Database driven directory, don't! It's not coming yet!

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