Using Latitude on Android? Bad move...

Google's Latitude has been around for a while. It only made sense for me once both my wife and I started to use Android (Google Nexus S). With Google Latitude, it was possible to keep track of each other and coordinate life events better...

Unfortunately, I noticed that my battery was going down much quicker and "Battery Used" reports were pointing to "Maps". As I was not really using maps or gps, I suspected Latitude, which is part of Google Maps suite, was the cause.

I posted a question on Google Mobile forums asking if anyone else was seeing the same issue. Only one person reported the exact same issue and also suggested to log out of latitude. Tested it and confirmed that it worked well, which makes the latitude and possibly the history feature the culprit. Filed a defect here. Hopefully, they will fix it soon, I like to be able to use it again!

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