Google Wave Invitation

Yay! I got my Google Wave invitation and have 8 invites to send out *grin*. If you are reading this, chances are you are eager to get one... Hmm, read on.

When I started bloggin in 2004, my second post was about how I was trying to get a gmail invite and how someone sent me one. It made me happy then and I want to make a fellow netizen happy.

I need your e-mail address to send an invite but I would not want you to be an easy target for spammers so be creative when you are leaving it...

(For example: if your e-mail address is,  before@johnny_boy

I will collect the requests tonight and send one to a random person.


Unknown said...

Hey Adil,

It would be soooo nice if you could send me an invite :-)



jamsohnson said...

Yo Adil,

Like you I also went to great lengths to get a gmail invite back in 2004 and failed, and once again the same has happened. Would appreciate it if you could send an invite to sam.raymond.johnson AT googlemail DOT com

PS. hope the CPU fan is all better and behaving

Blog First said...

Hi Adil,

It would be nice if you could spare me a Google Wave Invite


- Pothi

Anonymous said...


so cool.
I am curious to see google wave.
I have been waiting so long for wave.
Please give me an invite.

Adil Hindistan said...

Folks, I wish I had more, right now it is limited to 8. If I get another invite; I promise I will add one more (really sorry Sam). I ran a rand function and Pothi's number came up...Sending it now.

As I mentioned in the next post; apparently invites are not going out immediately. Google calls them nominations. So hope you get it soon.