I love the new Goowy

Afew months ago, I posted some information about Goowy. Mark Cuban had mentioned it on his blog. I liked the interface then, but they were not offering that much other than 1Gig e-mail which I already had plenty of anyway. It looks like they improved it a lot!

Apparently, Mark liked it so much that he invested in them. After seeing the enhancements, I can understand why. They are now also offering 1 GB free space that you can access from anywhere. They also offer a GAIM like Instant Messenger interface. You can also import your contacts there (they support up-to 1000) either using a CSV file or from other common web based e-mail accounts.

Unfortunately, there is not a Linux version of Macromedia Flash Player v.8, so I could not use it from my Ubuntu installation. They also do not yet offer pop3 access. So, there is still room to enhance but it's a much better site now!

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