Aha! Yahoo Domains is the one to blame?

I talked to GoDaddy and consequently sent an e-mail to Yahoo. Apparently, Yahoo was supposed to transfer the address from GoDaddy but they did not. I got the lengthy answer from Yahoo why they did not. What they are saying is when they are selling the domain, they are actually not selling it but selling the management of it? Oh, Puhleease, that info is nowhere to be found in their Domain Selling site!

Original E0mail from Yahoo Domains Support:

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From: Yahoo! Domains []
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 12:09 AM
Subject: Re: Email - - Domains (KMM4310551V8506L0KM)
Hello Adil,
Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Domains. I hope this email will answer your question.
I understand that you are concerned about the transfer of your domain, '' to Yahoo! from your current registrar,
According to the public Whois database, your domain name registration was expired on April 16, 2005 and it has been put under the 'REDEMPTIONPERIOD' status by your current registrar.
For your reference, included here is the information about your domain as reflected in the Whois public database:
Whois Server:
Updated Date: 27-may-2005
Creation Date: 16-apr-2001
Expiration Date: 16-apr-2005
Please know that your domain name was registered through another registrar. Even though this domain name has expired, most registrars will normally hold onto a domain name for a short period of time before releasing it to the public.
It appears that you have only transferred your domain hosting to Yahoo!, and not your domain name registration when you signed up for Yahoo!
Domains using an existing domain name registered elsewhere. Please understand that Yahoo! is not a Domain Registrar; we register our domain names through our partner Melbourne IT ( Once you register a new domain name through Yahoo! your domain name is put under Yahoo's!
Reseller list. This makes Yahoo! the Reseller of your domain name.
Yahoo! will be responsible for renewing your domain name, which is covered within the service charges of your account.
As Yahoo! is a reseller and not a registrar we are not able to perform a registrar transfer of your pre-registered domain name. Once you transfer your existing domain name to Yahoo!, using one of our Small Business packages, you will still be responsible for renewing your domain name through the original registrar of your domain name.
After you order services from us, your domain name will need to be re-delegated to Yahoo!'s nameservers to host your domain with us. The process varies depending on which registrar you originally registered your domain. Many allow you to make the changes online at their website.
Yahoo! uses the following nameservers:
Primary Name Server:
Primary IP Address: (may not be required)

Secondary Name Server:
Secondary IP Address: (may not be required)
Please be aware that Yahoo! has no jurisdiction over domain names
registered with other services. You (the registrant) through your
current hosting provider or registrar have the ability to modify this
If you want to open a full registration account with Yahoo!, you will
either need to wait for the domain name to be publicly available or
request directly to the registrar that holds your domain that they
release the domain name to the public.
In general, for domain names which are already registered through
another company, Yahoo! can take over hosting for the domain name.
However, the registration of the domain name will continue through the
current registrar. You do not need another company in this case to
manage your domain name.
When Yahoo! Domains is hosting your domain name, all other necessary
updates should be able to be performed directly through your registrar.
In your case, as your domain name has already expired and it is going to
be released to the public soon, may I recommend you to please wait till
the domain name is publically available for new registration. You may
cancel your Domains account with us to prevent future billing. Once the
domain name is publically available you may then sign up for Yahoo!
Domains services at the following URL:
I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you. Please do not
hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.
Yahoo! Customer Care
For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

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Mail-Id: 1118795906-9497
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Service: Domains
Topic: Domain registration and renewal info
Please describe your problem or question here.
I had registered via I did not want to extend
my contract with them and decided to
move to Yahoo. So I paid Yahoo for
this domain for 3 years and got the
confirmation letter below:
Service Ordered
"Plan: Domains "
7 A single-page Web Card or Web
address forwarding to another web site
"Purchase Date: April 08, 2005 "
Billing Summary
Domain Name Term Yearly Fee Total 3 year(s) $9.95 $4.98 1
(save 50% per year
for up to 5 years) $14.94
"Today's Charge: $14.94 "
As instructed in your web page I went
back to and changed the
name servers to yahoo.
It worked fine until my contract with
them expired. They are telling me
that yahoo never transferred my domain
and now I lost it. How is this
possible. I paid for it and I do not
have access to it? Please help
rectify this situation.
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